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The Best TV Crime Dramas, as Recommended By TV Crime Drama Creators

The minds behind True Detective, The Sinner, and more tell us what to watch next.

Heads-Up: Today Is the Last Day to Score the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle for Just $13

Act fast and you can still get the streaming content you crave for less than a fancy salad.

Lee Daniels on Dramatizing Billie Holiday’s Battle With the US Government: “I Owed It to Her Legacy”

The director talks about filming Billie’s songs live with Andra Day and creating around the “two dollar” budget Black films are given.

John Lurie’s Bold New Canvas

Thirty years after his last TV show, the reclusive artist, musician, and downtown New York legend returns with HBO’s Painting With John.

$not Is One of Gen Z's Most Mysterious Rappers. Now He's Dropping His "808s Album"

The internet darling has a new song with A$AP Rocky out today, and his long-awaited third album Ethereal out next week.

15 2 Chainz Deep Cuts That Prove His Greatness

Revisit the Atlanta rapper's surprisingly rich back catalog on the occasion of his new album, Dope Don't Sell Itself.

Spotify CEO Defends Rogan Deal; More Musicians Join Neil Young's Protest

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunite one more time, while Daniel Ek says Spotify is a platform, not a publisher. 

Joni Mitchell Pulls Music From Spotify In Rogan Protest; Neil Young  Pivots to Audio Quality Bugbear

Mitchell joined her fellow Canadian folk rocker's campaign against Joe Rogan's presence on the streaming platform, while Young, who has been obsessed with authentic sound quality for decades, says Spotify's is lacking.

Danny McBride on the Return of The Righteous Gemstones and His Love for 90 Day Fiancé

Plus: that time he watched beefy Christian muscle men rip phone books in half.

How Questlove Remixed the Soundtrack of 1968 for the Summer of George Floyd

The musical polymath and Roots drummer explains how he made the story of “the Black Woodstock” resonate with Gen Z—and why he’s finally embracing his role as pop music’s cultural historian.

Snoop Dogg’s New Tricks

The hip-hop legend, who recently turned 50, looks back on his biggest hits, the drama of leaving Death Row and his last days with DMX while looking forward to his next phase: label executive.

Mark Hoppus Is Growing Up

The Blink-182 singer got cancer—and then accidentally shared his diagnosis with the public over social media. Turns out getting sick renewed his faith, healed his old friendships, and reminded him what makes life worth living.

The 20 Best Stunts in the Jackass Movies

Don't try these at home.

The Real-Life Diet of John Cena, Who Wants to Be Lifting When He's 80 Years Old

The all-time WWE great and star of HBO's Peacemaker talks getting flexible enough to film with Jackie Chan, the difference between cheat days and just living life, and how he's changed up his workouts as he's gotten older. 

Steve-O Is Still Taking It In the Nuts

He's survived clown college, addiction, and more than 20 years of Jackass. But Steve-O's gnarliest stunt might be figuring out what comes next.

Charles Oakley On Six of His Most Sizzling Beefs

The “last enforcer” talks about his new memoir, his time with the Knicks and Bulls, and his run-ins with everyone from Judge Mathis to Charles Barkley.

How to Be a Perfect—Okay, Fine, Pretty Good—Person, According to the Creator of The Good Place

Michael Schur wrote a book that explores the same question as the show: How do we be good to one another?

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna Are Pregnant With the World’s Flyest Child

The couple broke the news in typically stylish fashion.

John Mellencamp Is Channeling John Huston and Louis Armstrong Now

The 70-year-old rocker discusses the raspy gravitas of his dark new album, Strictly a One-Eyed Jack.

Hugh Grant in Notting Hill Is Your Next Great '90s Style Icon

Here's how to steal his perfectly rumpled, unfussy look.

What You Can Learn from History's Greatest Jocks 

A conversation with author Bill Hayes about on the history of exercise, sensible workout advice from Renaissance Italy, and Plato's thoughts on lifting heavy. 

How Judd Apatow Bounced Back with The 40-Year-Old Virgin

With two freshly canceled TV shows, the filmmaker was having trouble navigating Hollywood. And then Steve Carrell told him about his idea built around a raunchy poker game.

Ozark’s Big Bad: Laura Linney on Wendy Byrde’s Journey to the Dark Side and Season Four

She's become the most fascinating character on the Netflix show.

Spotify Sticks With Joe Rogan After Neil Young Anti-Vax Challenge

After the rock legend said he would drop the platform if it continued to host Joe Rogan's podcast, his music is being removed. 

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Is “Like a Batman Kurt Cobain”

According to director Matt Reeves, who compares the character to a drug addict.

From Lena Dunham to Kanye, 10 Sundance Films to Look Out For

New films with Colin Farrell and Jon Bernthal, a series on Bill Cosby and more.

Kanye West Is a One-Man News Machine

Five days in Kanye, from protesting Netflix's "Jeen-Yuhs" documentary to Paris Fashion Week with Julia Fox to another revealing interview.

The Bills-Chiefs Game Was a Reminder That NFL Overtime Rules Suck

Last night's disappointing ending has created renewed calls for rule changes in the league.

How to Overcome the Negative Voice in Your Head

Our inner voice performs all kinds of important tasks—but when it gets negative, it can be hard to turn off. Ethan Kross, a psychologist and neuroscientist who studies introspection, has a solution.

All Aboard Pete Davidson and Colin Jost's Staten Island Ferry/Club

The SNL co-stars and Staten Island natives bought an old vessel that they're turning into a “live entertainment event space.”

 West Elm Caleb Is TikTok’s Latest Morally Dubious Detective Story

The sequel to Couch Guy is here.